Roads, Footpaths and Verges

Our Roads and Drainage Team is responsible for the development and maintenance of effective roads and drainage infrastructure, footpaths, bridges and kerbing within the Whitsunday Region, with exception of major arterial roads which are under the control of the Department of Transport and Main Roads. 

Our region contains 566kms of sealed roads, 1218kms of unsealed roads, 113kms of footpaths and 35 bridges. 

Whitsunday Regional Council Road Register [PDF 128 KB] 
Whitsunday Regional Council Road Register Maps [PDF 41.44 MB] 
Application to Work in Road Reserve (Road Work Permit) [PDF 269KB]

Interactive Road Register Maps

Footpath Maintenance Assistance

Under particular circumstances, residents may request assistance for maintenance of their footpath/nature strip. Prior to submitting an application, residents are encouraged to view the Footpath & Nature Strip Maintenance Policy to see if they are eligible.

Footpath Maintenance Application


Grading and DRFA Program

Please note that the scheduled program is subject to equipment breakdowns/availability, staff shortages and weather conditions. This table is updated at the beginning of each month.


Location Scheduled Status
Bootooloo Road 22 July - 23 July Upcoming
Kings Beach Road 23 July - 25 July Upcoming
Russells Crossing 22 July - 23 July Upcoming
Gordon Glen Road 24 July - 29 July Upcoming
Rangemore Road 30 July - 13 August Upcoming
Cape Creek Road (Drainage Works) 14 August - 29 August Upcoming
Coventry Road (Drainage Works) 2 September - 12 September Upcoming
Turners Road July  In Progress
Elphinstone Road July In Progress
Gee Dee Road September Upcoming
Fernvale Road September Upcoming
Anderson Road September Upcoming
Gladstone Park Road October Upcoming
Wylie Park Road October Upcoming
Mellons Road October Upcoming
Summer Hill Road October Upcoming
Balaams Road October Upcoming
Green Swamps Road November Upcoming
Salters Lane  November Upcoming
Albeitz Road November Upcoming
Railway Road November Upcoming
Alligator Creek Road November Upcoming
Telegraph Road November Upcoming
Russells Crossing November Upcoming
Weekes Road November Upcoming
Cheffins Road November Upcoming
Taloonda Road November Upcoming
Wardens Bend Road July In Progress
Pretty Bend Road  July - September In Progress
Mount Dangar Road August Upcoming
Greentops Road September Upcoming
Johns Road August Upcoming
Ferguson Road September Upcoming
Mount Buckley Road September Upcoming
Burnfooty Road October Upcoming
Hermans Road October Upcoming
Sandy Lane October Upcoming
Websters Lane October Upcoming
Ashfiels Road October Upcoming
Watts Road October Upcoming
West Euri Road October Upcoming
East Euri Road November Upcoming
Smiths Road November Upcoming
Hildebrandt Road November Upcoming
Bridge Road November Upcoming
Millers lane November Upcoming
Dalmore Lane November Upcoming
Potts Road November Upcoming


Location Scheduled Status
Alluvial Road 22 July - 23 July Upcoming
Kurkowski Road 23 July - 7 August Upcoming
Gold Creek Road 8 August - 12 August Upcoming
Spoore Road 13 August - 30 August Upcoming
Hadlow Road 2 September - 9 September Upcoming
Oxford Road 10 September - 13 September Upcoming
Wooten Road 16 September - 20 September Upcoming
Tailing Gully Road 23 September - 4 October Upcoming
Caven Road 12 July - 16 July Completed
Boundry Road 17 July - 18 July Completed
Monaghan Road 19 July - 26 July Upcoming
Vitanz Road 29 July - 2 August Upcoming
Lily Pily Road 5 August - 9 August Upcoming
Gia Road 12 August - 15 August Upcoming
Simpson Road 15 August - 19 August Upcoming
Ivonoff Road 20 August - 23 August Upcoming
Dinnie Road 26 August - 27 August Upcoming
Kuhlman Road 28 August - 30 August Upcoming
Conway Road  2 September - 13 September Upcoming
Kelsey Creek Road 16 September - 27 September Upcoming
Richardson Road July In Progress
Brandy Creek Road July In Progress
Brown Road July In Progress
Dunning Road July In Progress
Allan Road July In Progress
Slater Road July In Progress
Caproglio Road July In Progress
Vitanza Road July In Progress
Monaghan Road July In Progress
Leeder Road July In Progress
Orchid Creek Road July In Progress
Fisher Road August Upcoming
Cowan Road August Upcoming
Tucker Road August Upcoming
Boatyard Road August Upcoming
Ossie Drive August Upcoming
Dougherty Road August Upcoming
Borellini Road July In Progress
Glen Isla Road July In Progress
McCormack Road July In Progress
McGregor Road July In Progress
Morrison Road July In Progress
Tobin Road July In Progress
Compton Road July In Progress
Gray Road July In Progress


Location Scheduled Status
Suttor Dev Rd - RMPC Medium Formation Grading (Chainage 52.89 to 121.92) 8 July - 29 August In Progress
Suttor Dev Rd - RMPC Medium Formation Grading (Chainage 121.92 to 162.06) 29 August - 27 September Upcoming
Bowen Dev Rd - RMPC Medium Formation Grading (Chainage 127 to 160.58) 27 September - 22 October Upcoming
Bowen Dev Rd - RMPC Medium Formation Grading (Chainage 160.58 to 177.96) 22 October - 12 November Upcoming
Emu Plains Road - Heavy/Medium Formation Grade 11 August - 19 September Upcoming
Exmoor Road - Heavy/Medium Formation Grade 19 September - 11 November Upcoming
Strathmore Road - Medium Formation Grade - shoulders and drains maintenance 22 July - 2 August Upcoming
Corduroy Creek Road - Heavy/Medium Formation Grade 2 August - 15 August Upcoming
Scartwater Road - Grade Shoulders and Drains 15 August - 13 September Upcoming
Glendon Road - Grade Shoulders and Drains 13 September - 26 September Upcoming
Burdekin Dam Road - Grade Shoulders and Drains 26 September - 2 October Upcoming
Mount McConnell Road - Grade Shoulders and Drains 2 October - 16 October Upcoming
Mount Wyatt Road - Grade Shoulders and Drains 16 October - 30 October Upcoming
Rutherford Road July - October In Progress
Scartwater Road July - September In Progress
Mount McMonnell Road July - October In Progress
Glendon Road October - November Upcoming
Burdekin Dam Falls Road October - November Upcoming
Illamatha Road August - September Upcoming
Weetalaba Road September - October Upcoming
Yacamunda Road October - November Upcoming