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Company Profile

Foxdale Quarry is the Whitsunday Region's southern premium blue rock quarry, owned and operated by Whitsunday Regional Council. The Quarry is located approximately 5km north of Proserpine with direct access to and from the Bruce Highway.

We have operated the quarry since 1978, it was originally developed by the State Government for construction work on the Bruce Highway. The quarry site was recognised then due to the size and quality of the source, geology and the locality of the quarry for access and transport.

Since 1978, the Foxdale quarry has produced high quality rock construction materials from approximately 21.5 ha of leased land from the Department of Natural Resources (lot HR1745). In addition to the leased land, Foxdale Quarry has purchased further freehold land (SP137707) with existing permits, land use approvals and management and mine plans to provide sufficient blue rock materials to the region for the next 40 years (see Figure 1 below for a site map). In total, 7.4 million tonnes of material are in situ within the main southern the quarry resource.

Significant development has been completed in the quarry in recent years enabling the quarry to supply large project demands. Further investment was made in 2013 to purchase more land to the west of the site to expand the quarry material stockpile storage capacity of crushed materials (250 000 tonnes).

Quarry Management

Foxdale Quarry has a current Mine Management Plan and Development Plan which provides the management with comprehensive direction for operations and the future quarry development. Integral to the development plan are quality, technical, environmental, safety and planning considerations essential to the sustainable management.


‘To be the preferred supplier of high-quality quarry products throughout the Southern Whitsunday Region'

The above vision encompasses the following key components:

Preferred Supplier

  • Being known within the industry and to potential clients as the premium blue rock quarry in the southern region;
  • Providing a reliable and consistent crushing facility which can meet demand and provide a consistently high-quality quarry product;
  • Building strong relationships with our clients – ensuring the customer has a good experience and being flexible to their needs and individual requirements;
  • Providing products at commercially competitive rates;


  • Provide consistent high-quality quarry materials in large volumes;
  • Provide NATA tested quarry materials that exceed the quality requirements of TMR specification and other industry standards (e.g. AUS Roads);
  • Provide for efficient sales point loading operations and customer friendly quarry weighbridge and administration operations;


  • Ensuring a safe workplace is maintained for all staff, visitors and clients;
  • Vision: Zero Serious Harm
  • Eliminate risks is the preferred management approach.
  • Adopt the Mates in Construction (MIC) Program.

Source Rock Description

The geology of the source material enables the Foxdale Quarry to offer a quality product unmatched by local competitors. All material is tested and passes quality standards required by NATA and TMR specifications.

The rock quality of the resource has been described by geologists as being hard, very strong, robust and durable micro diorite which is classified as basic igneous. The rock has the following mineralogical composition of rock:

  • 62% feldspar
  • < 1% opaque oxide
  • 10% epidote
  • <1% prehnite
  • 1% sphene6% quartz

Geological Petrographic analysis reports recommend the andesite is suitable for use in the production of the following quarry products:

  • Durable and innocuous road bases
  • Concrete aggregates
  • Asphaltic aggregate
  • Bitumen sealing aggregate
  • Rail ballast
  • Drainage rip rap rock
  • Gabion Rock
  • Armour rock

The quality of our rock materials is a key attribute of the quarry and we are happy to share the reports with interested customers.


Foxdale Quarry production is regulated by the Department of Natural Resources and Mines (Mineral Mines & Quarries Inspectorate) for the safe extraction of parent material. Operations are administered under the Integrated Planning Act (1997) and in compliance with conditions of the Sales Permit issued by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF).

The quarry produced on average 150,000 tonnes of material per annum. The current fixed crushing plant has the capability to support demand of up to 250,000 tonnes per annum. For major projects the quarry has can augment supply arrangements with contracted crushers to supplement the quarry's crushing equipment to achieve up to 500 000 tonnes per annum.

The predominant materials produced at Foxdale Quarry are Type 2.1, 2.3, 2.5 road base and assorted aggregates. A range of other materials are produced to meet demand, including overburden/select fill, drainage rock and armour rock.

Daily Sales Capacity

The quarry has recently upgraded access, machinery and stockpile capacity and is able to load out up to 3,000 tonnes per day in sales of stock.

The quarry has established supply arrangements with contracted crushers and mobile machine suppliers to supplement the quarry's crushing / sales equipment and haulage providers to supply and deliver to large projects.

Quarry Products


Screenings 7mm

Screenings 10mm

Concrete Aggregate (run) 20mm

Screenings 14mm

Screenings 16mm

Crusher Dust


Drainage 20 -40mm

Drainage/Ballast 40-70mm

Drainage/Ballast 20-40mm


Road base types 2.1 and 2.3

Cane road rural gravel

Road base type 2.4 and 2.5


Select fill

Day cover

General fill


Shot rock

Armour rock sorted to size