Council Meetings and Agendas

Council Meeting Livestream

Council's Special Meeting for the purposes of adopting the Annual Report is scheduled for 15 September 2021. Members of the public are encouraged to watch the Livestream from 9am:

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Recordings of proceedings are not an official record of the meeting, nor do they convey the official minutes of a meeting or the position of the Council. The Council takes no responsibility for, and accepts no liability, in the event that live streaming of a meeting, a recording of a meeting, or the Council’s website is unavailable.

Statements and, or actions made by Individuals

Statements made by individual persons at a meeting, and which may be contained in a live stream or recording of the meeting are those of the individuals making them, and not of the Council. To be clear, unless set out in a resolution the Council does not endorse or support such statements.The Council does not accept any liability for statements made or actions taken by individuals during a meeting that may be contrary to law, including discriminatory, defamatory or offensive comments. Such statements or actions are not protected by privilege and may be the subject of legal proceedings and potential liability, for which the Council takes no responsibility.

Meetings and Minutes

Council holds Ordinary Meetings on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month.

Council adopts a schedule that covers the entire local government area to enable opportunities for all residents to attend meetings and raise issues of concern.

All meetings are open to the public, however Council may choose to close the meeting to discuss a confidential issue under the Local Government Regulation 2012.

Regular meetings enable Council to set clear policy and direction and provide open channels of communication with senior managers, staff, residents and ratepayers of the region.

Council Meeting Dates 2021

Date Venue
27 January Bowen Council Chambers
10 February Proserpine Council Chambers
24 February Bowen Council Chambers
10 March Proserpine Council Chambers
24 March Bowen Council Chambers
14 April Proserpine Council Chambers
28 April Bowen Council Chambers
12 May Proserpine Council Chambers
26 May Collinsville Community Centre 
9 June Proserpine Council Chambers
28 June Proserpine Council Chambers - Special Meeting
30 June Bowen Council Chambers
15 July Proserpine Council Chambers
28 July Bowen Council Chambers
11 August Airlie Beach/Cannonvale
25 August Bowen Council Chambers
8 September Proserpine Council Chambers
22 September Collinsville
13 October Proserpine Council Chambers
27 October Bowen Council Chambers
10 November Proserpine Council Chambers
24 November Bowen Council Chambers
8 December Proserpine Council Chambers

Council Meeting Minutes and Agendas

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If you are seeking copies of old agendas and minutes, please contact us on 1300 972 753.