Citizenship Ceremonies

The decision to become an Australian citizen is a very personal one and is warmly welcomed by all Australians. Citizenship shows commitment to Australia, its values, freedoms, responsibilities and protections. Australians are diverse people brought together by our shared belief in the democratic process, respect for the rights and liberties of other Australians and a commitment to uphold and obey Australian laws.

Here in the Whitsunday Region, we boast a multicultural society, not only because of the many tourists that explore our pocket of paradise, but also due to the number of immigrants that have chosen to make this region their home.

Every year, Council welcomes many Whitsunday residents as new Australian citizens. Council runs Citizenship Ceremonies on behalf of the Department of Home Affairs.

Attending your Citizenship Ceremony

You will be eligible to attend a citizenship ceremony when you have:

  • completed your application process with the Department of Home Affairs
  • received your letter of approval from the Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs.

To become an Australian citizen, you will need to attend a citizenship ceremony and make the pledge.

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2024 Ceremony Dates 

Invites are mailed out to candidates 3-4 weeks prior to each ceremony.

Citizenship Ceremony dates for Whitsunday Regional Council in 2024 are as follows:

  • 5.00pm Friday, January 26 (Australia Day) – Bowen Foreshore
  • 10:30am Tuesday, June 11 - Proserpine Entertainment Centre
  • 9.30am Tuesday, September 17 (National Citizenship Day) – Proserpine Entertainment Centre