Citizenship Ceremonies

The decision to become an Australian citizen is a very personal one and is warmly welcomed by all Australians.

Citizenship shows commitment to Australia, its values, freedoms, responsibilities and protections. Australians are diverse people brought together by our shared belief in the democratic process, respect for the rights and liberties of other Australians and a commitment to uphold and obey Australian laws.

Here in the Whitsunday Region, we boast a multicultural society, not only because of the many tourists that explore our pocket of paradise, but also due to the number of immigrants that have chosen to make this region their home.

Applying for Citizenship

Information on applying for Australian Citizenship is available by contacting the Department of Home Affairs on 131 880 or through the Department of Home Affairs website.

Prior to being eligible to take part in a Citizenship Ceremony, you must have completed your application process with the Department of Home Affairs and have received your letter of approval from the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship.

Citizenship Ceremonies

We receive candidate lists approximately every four weeks detailing those candidates who have received Citizenship approval and are eligible to attend a Ceremony.

Candidates are notified and invited to attend a ceremony by letter (both via Australia post and email) approximately four weeks prior to the nominated ceremony date.

Ceremonies are conducted by the Mayor under delegated authority from the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship.

The Ceremony consists of:

  • Reading of the Minister’s Message
  • Mayor’s Welcome
  • Citizenship Preamble
  • Pledges
  • Presentation of Citizenship Certificates
  • The Australian National Anthem

Dress Code: Smart neat attire – conferees are welcome to wear traditional, national or cultural dress.