Free RV Parks

We have two free RV-friendly campgrounds within the region. No bookings are required for these campgrounds however space is limited and visitors must abide by the maximum length of stay.

We request visitors to obey the site rules as indicated on signs upon entering the parks and please allow room for others to access and exit as a courtesy.

  • Where is the RV Park located?

    Railway Road Collinsville at the southern end of the Collinsville Showgrounds, opposite the Workers Club.

    Who does the RV Park cater for?

    The rest area caters for Caravans, RV's, Campervans, Trailers and Tents (tent area inside ring only). 

    How long can I stay? 


    Is there fresh water and toilet facilities?

    Fresh water is readily available on site and there are standard and disabled toilets and showers 24/7 in the park.

  • Where is the park located?

    Main Street Proserpine behind Saint Catherine's Church, opposite Pioneer Park. The park will initially operate as a trial and based on feedback/usage it may be decided to continue and further develop the site over the coming years.

    When is the park open?

    The park is temporarily closed annually during wet season (approx. 1 December - 31 March). Once wet season is over and the ground has suitably dried out, the park is reopened for the peak season to welcome travellers through Proserpine.

    Who does the park cater for?

    Vehicles must meet the definition of fully self-contained to utilise this area. To be considered fully self-contained your vehicle must be fitted with on-board facilities such as toilet, shower and sink. These on-board facilities cannot be a separate item; they must be manufactured as part of the vehicle and plumbed in. If your vehicle does not meet these criteria, you cannot stay at this park.

    How long can I stay?


    Other Conditions of Entry

    • Pets must be on a leash and not allowed to wander.
    • Fires, Generators and Loud Music are prohibited.
    • Waste must be disposed of hygenically and by using receptacles provided in the park.
    • Nuisance must not be caused to others.

    Non-compliance with conditions of entry may result in vehicle tow away.

    Is there fresh water and toilet facilities?

    A tap with suitable drinking water is available on site. Currently there are no toilet facilities at the park as each vehicle needs to contain a permanently plumbed toilet, shower and washing up facility.

    Please note that if your caravan is oversized and cannot manoeuvre into the park, you may be accommodated in either the Proserpine Tourist Park (fee to be paid) or Lake Proserpine. Accommodation is not available at the Proserpine Showgrounds.

  • RV dump points are located in many privately owned and operated Caravan Parks however, travellers can deposit their wastewater (sewage) from caravans and RVs at the below sites:

    • Bowen Showgrounds
    • Collinsville Showgrounds
    • Proserpine RV Park - Please note that the Proserpine RV Park is temporarily closed during wet season (approx. November - April)
    • Proserpine Anzac Road (adjacent to the Proserpine Tourist Park)