Rates, Fees and Charges

Rates and charges help us to recover the cost of providing a wide range of facilities and services in the Whitsunday Region such as (but not limited to):

  • Collecting and recycling waste
  • Looking after our parks, playgrounds and foreshores
  • Maintaining our road network
  • Supplying water and sewerage services
  • Operating and maintaining our libraries, aquatic facilities and public amenities
  • A range of other services and facilities

Rates notices are issued twice a year in July/August and January/February.

Water consumption notices are issued twice a year in August and February.

The formal document detailing the Rates & Utility Charges, adopted by Council is the Revenue Statement.

Information related the Rates & Utility Charges applicable to the different types of properties are also detailed in our Rates Brochure.

Fees and Charges

Property Information

Property Searches

Certain information relating to a property, such as the basic property details, applicable rates and charges, existing building permits, can be obtained by any person by making an application using the Search Request Form below. 

Fees are applicable for property searches and are detailed in the form.

Change of Owner Details

It is important that your contact details are current on your property, to ensure all notices and other communications are received in a timely manner.

If any of the details listed on your Rates/Water Notice is incorrect, please notify us of the correct details using the form below.

Rates, Fees and Charges Documents

Rates, Fees and Charges Documents

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