Impounded Animals

Dogs and cats are often found wandering at large and if we find your pet with any type of identification and/or registration tag, you will be contacted by one of our Local Law Officers.

However, in many instances pets are impounded by Local Law Officers.  A register of the animals that have entered one of our Animal Pound Facilities is below.

While all care is taken to update this register with all of the animals that have been impounded, if you are looking for a missing/ lost animal you should also contact our Customer Service Centre on 1300 972 753 during opening hours.

Please note that this page is updated on a daily basis with a listing of animals currently impounded. It is common for this list to display no animals.

A registered dog or cat is a sign of responsible pet ownership. Registration gives our Local Law Officers the very best chance of finding and reuniting you with your dog or cat should it become lost or wander from its yard.

Dog registration is a requirement in accordance with the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008, Cat registration is required in accordance with the Whitsunday Regional Council Local Law No.2 (Animal Management) 2014. Failure to register a dog or cat over three months of age is an offence that may incur a fine. 


  • Black cat

    Animal Type:
    Domestic short hair
    Entire Female
    Suburb Found:
    Impoundment Date:
    27 September 2023
    Black cat - 28/09/2023