Concessions and Charges

General Rates

General Rates are levied on all applicable properties within the region with the proportion of the rates based on the value of the land (excluding value of buildings on the land).  The amount may vary depending on the use of the land (i.e. residential, commercial, rural). The value of the land used for general rates is determined by the Valuer General of Queensland, who is an independent party.

The authority to determine property type for a given property (formally known as the Differential Rating Category) is delegated to the Chief Executive Officer by the Council. If you believe the category currently assigned to your property is inappropriate, you can request a review of the categorisation using the Differential Rates Category Objection Form.

Utility Charges

Our region levies three types of utility charges for Water, Sewer and Waste (Garbage).

Sewer and waste are a fixed charge based on the type of property (e.g. residential, commercial, industrial etc.). Waste charges consist of a charge for garbage as well as a charge for the collection of recyclable waste. Properties without a collection service will attract a lower charge to cover the general costs of maintain the region’s landfills and remediating landfills that are no longer in use.

Water utility charges have two components, a fixed amount based on the type of the property and an amount based on the quantity of water used at the property, as measured by the water meter installed by us at the property. The latter is referred to as the water consumption charge.

Under the current rates and charges regime, residents have the option once a year, to decide between one of two methods, for the water consumption charge. The two methods are known as the Two-Part Tariff (default option) and the Allocation Tariff. Information about the two tariffs and the forms to indicate the preferred option are forwarded to water consumers every year, at the appropriate time.

Concession on Rates & Utility Charges

We offer a range of concessions to address the needs of ratepayers who are experiencing difficulties in paying their rates & utility charges.

The concessions below require application to Council and are in keeping with the relevant policies.  Application forms and policies are located at the bottom of the page.

Concessions include:

  • Pensioner Rates Rebate - The State Government of Queensland grants a subsidy of Rates and Charges to those persons who meet the required criteria and hold an Approved Pensioner Card. In line with this concession, Council recognises the financial constraints for Pensioners and extends a concession of its own.
  • Rates Concession for Pensioners – Deferral Arrangements.  This provides a deferment of a portion of the rates & utility charges to pensioners who are experiencing financial hardship in keeping
  • Rate Relief due to Hardship.  This provides multiple relief arrangements to any owner occupier or not-for-profit ratepayer experiencing financial hardship.
  • Concession due to Concealed Leak.  This provides partial relief from water consumption charges to ratepayers experiencing an unusually high-water bill due to a concealed leak.
  • Owner Occupier Status - Residential properties occupied by the owner(s) as their principal place of residence maybe be eligible attract a lower general rate than a comparable residential property occupied by a non-owner (e.g. a tenant).  Please refer to the Owner Occupier Policy below.

Donations to Community Groups & Affordable Housing Organisations

Sporting, recreational and not for profit organisations as well as organisations engaged in the provision of affordable housing, who need assistance to cover the cost of the rates and utility charges, can seek a donation from us for that purpose.  Application can be made in writing to Council along with a copy of your audited financial statements.

Other Levies

Local governments are required by law to act as a collection agent for certain types of levies. For example, local governments levy a Rural Fire Levy on properties. Monies collected through this levy is not retained to meet Council expenses but forwarded on to the relevant rural fire brigades. Another such levy is the State Fire Levy which is remitted to the State Government.

Concessions and Charges Documents

Concessions and Charges Documents

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