Payment of Rates

The due date for the Rates Notice and the Water Notice are specified in each notice that is issued. Typically, this would be 30 days from the date of issue of the respective notice.

Payment Methods

In Person

You can visit one our regional Customer Service Centres in Cannonvale, Proserpine, Bowen or Collinsville to pay your rates and water consumption notices.

Online Payment

You can pay online using your Visa or Mastercard through our Online Services portal.  A surcharge of 0.5% will apply to the total amount payable when you make a payment with a credit card.


Find the BPAY biller code and CRN on your bill, log in to your online or mobile banking and make the payment using the details provided.

Register for BPAY View® and receive, pay and store your rate notices in your online banking.

  • Log into your online banking account.
  • Look for the BPAY View® or View Bills section.
  • Register to receive your Whitsunday Regional Council Rates Notice

Australia Post

You can pay in person at any Australia Post Office, by phone on 13 18 16, or go to to pay online.

Direct Debit Payments

To ease the burden of your rate payments, you can set up a Direct Debit payment where we will process an automatic deduction from your nominated bank account on any Friday – weekly, fortnightly or monthly (on the 28th of the month), for any amount you decide upon.

The credit you accumulate will be applied to your rate account and appear on your next annual rate notice and water consumption account. To apply, fill out and submit the Direct Debit Application form below.

Please note if you have an existing Direct Debit in place for the rates, this will continue unless the Council is advised otherwise.

Timely Payment Discount

When you pay your rates notice on or before the due date specified you will be entitled to a percentage (%) discount. The discounted amount for timely payment is specified in each Rates Notice.  Levies such as the fire levies are not eligible for discounts. No discounts are available for the Water Notice.

When fund transfers using third party service providers (e.g. BPay, direct debit) are used to pay the rates notice, funds must be received in our bank account by close of business on the due date for the payment, to be eligible for the discount.

Late Payments

Payments made after the due date, for both rates notices and water notices, are subject to interest for the period that the notices remain unpaid after the due date. The rate of interest that can be charged is prescribed by legislation; the Local Government Regulation 2012.

The interest is applied on overdue rates and charges as per the relevant Interest on Overdue Rates Policy.

As per legislation, overdue interest must be charged on all properties uniformly, and we have no power to vary or waive interest charges for individual properties/ratepayers except under very specific circumstances.

We will take action to recover any overdue rates & utility charges that remain unpaid in keeping with the Rates & Charges Recovery Policy.

Payment Difficulties

We adopt an approach of working with ratepayers who may face some difficulty in paying their rates and utility charges. The most common approach is to set in place an arrangement where ratepayers can make payments over a period of time in regular payments. If you wish to put in place such an arrangement, please complete and submit the Payment Arrangement of Rates & Charges form.

Payment of Rates Documents

Payment of Rates Documents

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