Flood Cameras

We have installed a flood camera on Shute Harbour Road at Hamilton Plains and at the Crofton Creek bridge to allow the community to better prepare during wet season.

Any flooded road can be deadly, and the condition of the road surface underneath is not known until flood waters subside. It also doesn't matter what size your vehicle is, flood waters are dangerous for all vehicles. When considering your journey, always have a Plan B and equip yourself with multiple alternative routes to stay safe.

As soon as you enter flood water, you are giving up control of your vehicle - if it's flooded, forget it!

Please note that the Hamilton Plains flood camera is currently being refurbished prior to the next wet season and the below image is a temporary image/angle of the road. The newly refurbished camera will be more resilient and provide an improved level of service for the Whitsunday community during wet weather events. Council apologises for any inconvenience and thanks your for your patience while we undertake these important works. The new camera is scheduled to be reinstated in the coming weeks, weather permitting. 

Hamilton Plains Flood Camera

The images will be updated approximately every 15 minutes. Please note that night vision is not available – these cameras only operate during the day (6am – low light conditions).

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Crofton Creek Bridge Flood Camera

The images will be updated approximately every 15 minutes and limited night vision is available.


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To keep up-to-date with the latest road closures and road condition information, visit QLD Traffic.
To find out more information visit the Queensland Government's Flood Water Safety Website.

The Hamilton Plains Flood Camera and Crofton Creek Flood Camera Projects are initiatives fully funded by the Whitsunday Regional Council in cooperation with the Department of Transport and Main Roads.