Adopted Amendments

Interim Local Government Infrastructure Plan Amendment

The Interim Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) Amendment commenced on 30 November 2020, amending Part 4 – LGIP and Schedule 3.2.1 - Schedule of Works – Water of the Whitsunday Planning Scheme 2017, creating Version 3.7. The purpose of the proposed Amendment was to remove Water Reservoir (W8), located in Bowen South and applying to Catchment 2 - Bowen. The Amendment removes Water Reservoir (W8) as it is no longer required to meet anticipated growth of Catchment 2 – Bowen, within the next 15 years, subsequently improving Council’s cost and contingency values in the Schedule of Works.   See outcomes from consultation for this Amendment within the below Submission Analysis Report.

Elements of the Amendment:

Administrative amendment and Development Manual amendment

On 21 December 2018, we commenced an administrative and Planning Scheme Policy (Development Manual) amendment to the Whitsunday Planning Scheme 2017, creating Version 3.6. The amendment involved various administrative amendments to grammar, layout and the removal of an error limiting shed building heights. The Development Manual amendment involved updates to various engineering standards and removed standard drawings from the Planning Scheme. Several amendments were also made to these standard drawings, which are now external to the Planning Scheme. See outcomes from consultation for this amendment within the below Submission Analysis Report. 

Alignment Amendment

On 3 July 2017, we commenced an Alignment Amendment to the Whitsunday Regional Council Planning Scheme 2017 Version 3.5 (the Alignment Amendment). The Alignment Amendment was made pursuant to the Alignment Amendment Rules and section 293 of the Planning Act 2016. 

The Alignment Amendment involved administrative changes that have the purpose and general effect of aligning the Whitsunday Planning Scheme 2017 to meet functions and terminology within the Planning Act 2016.

Local Government Infrastructure Plan Amendment

The Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP), being Part 4 and Schedule 3 of the Planning Scheme, commenced on 29 June 2018. The LGIP governs the planning and development of future trunk infrastructure within the Whitsunday Region based on the projected economic and population growth. See outcomes from consultation for this amendment within the below Submission Analysis Report. 

Proposed Amendments

We must review our Planning Scheme every ten years to update provisions that respond to revised growth projections and changing economic or environmental dynamics. Nonetheless, during its 10-year life span, the Planning Scheme is considered a live document that will be refined and improved by rolling amendments occurring on average every 18 months – 2 years. Amendments not considered ‘administrative’ will involve public consultation in accordance with State legislation Ministers guidelines and rules.

Upcoming Amendments

Planning Scheme Consultation outcomes

Council’s submission analysis report from the second round of consultation can be accessed here [PDF 1MB].  We received 128 submissions during this consultation period between August and October 2016. Several investigations have been triggered as a result of submissions, including:

  • Reduced red tape for renewable energy facilities; 
  • Increasing flexibility for tourism development;  
  • Bed and breakfast policy investigation; 
  • Bowen Local Planning Investigation; 
  • Airlie Beach Local Planning Investigation; and 
  • Several re-zoning requests. 

The outcomes from these investigations may be included within future amendments to the Planning Scheme pending recommendations.

Submission analysis reports from the two consultations completed for the Planning Scheme can be accessed here: