Shute Harbour Marine Terminal

The new state of the art Shute Harbour Marine Terminal development will see Shute Harbour return to it’s former glory as the main gateway to the islands due to it’s proximity to the major islands. The facility is expected to reopen by the end of 2021, weather permitting.

The new seawall has been constructed, with the level of the entire facility and carpark raised by an extra metre for greater resilience to storm surge in the future. The natural harbour offers ample space, width and deep draft suitable for a wide range of larger vessels.

The facility will cost in excess of $60 million and consist of a state of the art two level terminal and smaller tourism building which will host a variety of island ferry operators and tourism operators and offer high volume luggage and check in capabilities. Tenants include Cruise Whitsundays, Explore Hamilton Island, Sealink, Ocean Rafting, Salty Dog, Scamper, Whitsunday Island Transit, Pioneer Adventures, Elysian and Palm Bay resorts. Approximately 340 short and longer term car parking will be available, additionally Shute Harbour will be serviced with frequent bus services from Whitsunday Coast Airport – Airlie Beach – Shute Harbour making Shute Harbour the perfect island gateway. 

The facility will also offer limited short term berthing and reservations will be required for overnight berthing. For those stocking up on supples and visiting the restaurant, short term access will be available by arrangement. The facility will also have a large fuel arm to facilitate the sale of Diesel and Premium ULP and is set up to accommodate fuelling for a range of vessels ranging from small recreational vessels through to larger vessels approximately 30 meters in length, offering high flow diesel at competitive rates.

Shute Harbour will also be home to a restaurant and bar. Whitsunday Regional Council is currently inviting interested parties to express interest in the Restaurant and Bar tenancy which would include on and off premise alcohol sales. Entertainment will also be on offer at times making Shute Harbour the perfect getaway or stopover, accessible to vessels as well as land transport. 

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Upper Public Car Park

Time Parking Fee
0 – 1 hour $2.00
1 – 2 hours $4.00
2 – 4 hours $6.00
4 – 12 hours $8.00
12 – 24 hours $10.00
Additional 24 hrs $8.00 per day
Monthly (Mon-Fri) $140.00
Monthly (28 Days) $174.00
Six Monthly $874.00
Yearly $1,398.00

Lower Public Car Park

Time Parking Fee
0 – 1 hour $3.00
1 – 2 hours $5.00
2 – 4 hours $7.00
4 – 12 hours $9.00
12 – 24 hours $12.00
Additional 24 hrs $10.00 per day


Limited short-term berths will be available for lease, catering to a variety of vessels ranging from 10-30+ meters in length.


Time Berthing Fee
Up to 10m $75.00
Up to 20m $155.00
Up to 30m $225.00


Shute Harbour will offer High Flow Diesel and Premium Unleaded Petroleum at competitive rates.

Fuel Berth 1 - High Flow Diesel 

Suitable for larger vessels up to 30 meters, reservations will be required due to the berth accommodating larger vessels up to 30 meters in length. 

Dispenser Flow Rate Hose Length
1 - Diesel 160 litres per minute 10m
2 - Diesel 160 litres per minute 10m
3 - Diesel 400 litres per minute 30m including dry break

Fuel Berth 2 - Diesel and Premium Unleaded Petroleum 

Suitable for smaller vessels and recreational vessels up to 20 meters in length. No reservations will be required. Fuel will be available on a first come first serve basis.

Dispenser Flow Rate Hose Length
4 - Diesel 80 litres per minute 10m
5 - Diesel 40 litres per minute 10m
6 - Premium Unleaded 40 litres per minute 10m