Customer Service and Feedback

  • Customer Service Centres and Council Chambers

    Phone: 1300 972 753

    67 Herbert Street, Bowen 
    Shop 23 Whitsunday Plaza, Cannonvale 
    Cnr. Stanley and Conway Streets, Collinsville  
    83-85 Main Street, Proserpine

    In Person: Monday - Friday 8:15am to 4:45pm  

    By Phone: Monday - Friday 8:15am – 5:00pm

    After Hours service available for emergencies


    Monday to Friday 8.15am - 4.45pm 
    Saturday 8.45am - 11.45am (except Collinsville) 
    Sunday closed

    Bowen Library 
    67 Herbert Street, 

    Cannonvale Library 
    Whitsunday Plaza (Centro) Shopping Centre, 
    Shute Harbour Road, 

    Collinsville Library 
    Cnr. Stanley and Conway Streets, Collinsville 

    Proserpine Library
    12 Main Street


    Bowen Depot
    181 Richmond Road

    Proserpine Depot
    Faust St

    Collinsville Depot
    3 Conway Street

  • We are committed towards providing quality service and effective communication, and will deliver consistent Customer Service with integrity, accountability and common sense.

    We will promote a ‘Customer Centric Culture’ throughout the organisation through training and continuous improvement.

    Our service offer will align with Council’s values to ensure that interacting with us is a positive experience.

    We will monitor and evaluate our service to ensure the standards set out in the below charter, to develop and build relationships and partnerships within our community. 

    Download a copy of our Customer Service Charter.

  • If I have a compliment, complaint or question, what do I do?

    We value feedback from our residents and visitors. Compliments or complaints can be submitted via the following: 

    • Phone us on 1300 WRC QLD (1300 972 753)
    • Email us at or alternatively fill in the online survey below
    • Write to us at PO Box 104, Proserpine QLD 4800, Attention the Chief Executive Officer
    • In person at any of our Customer Service Centres in Cannonvale, Bowen, Collinsville & Proserpine

    If you want to report a problem or have a general enquiry, please go to our Online Services section to lodge a service request.

    Lodge a Service Request

    What happens next?

    When submitting general complaints or seeking feedback, you should try to include as much detail as possible and advise whether this is a new or previously reported issue.

    Once your complaint or feedback has been received, the matter will be directed to the appropriate department. We will do our best to resolve your complaint within 14 days. However, depending on the nature and complexity of your complaint, we could take up to one month to resolve your complaint.

    If your complaint or feedback relates to a specific service provided, or works being undertaken, you should be aware that by lodging a complaint, the matter will not be automatically suspended or delayed.

    What is a service request?

    A service request is any request for Council to take action on a matter, for example:

    • Animal management concerns (i.e. barking dogs)
    • Vegetation control
    • Potholes in the road
    • Collection of waste / missed services
    • Water and sewerage issues
    • Requesting information

    If you feel that council has failed to act within designated service timeframe or are unsatisfied, you may wish to log a service complaint.

    What is a service complaint? 

    When a service request is not addressed within the adequate time frame or has been inadequately resolved, a service complaint may be lodged.

    A service complaint is an objection to the quality or timeframe of council’s service. This allows council departments to review the task undertaken and respond to customers in writing on the outcome of the review.

    A complaint should not be confused with a service request, notification, enquiry or feedback. Council also receives requests for service and feedback across all areas of operations and clarification may be necessary to make the distinction for the purposes of lodging a complaint.

    A person may state that they are making a ‘complaint’, though their issue may be a request for service, a request for information or feedback.

    If a ‘service request’ is received as a ‘complaint’, it will be actioned by the department and an estimated timeframe advised. A service complaint can only be actioned, once the allocated service timeframe has expired.

    Lodging a complaint for council’s consideration does not preclude the issue being investigated by another department or agency, such as the Queensland Ombudsman.

    Personal information 

    Your personal information will be used by authorised Council officers to assist in the management of complaint resolution. The information will not be given to any other person or agency unless required by law or unless permission is sought from the person declared within this request. All Personal information will be handled in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2009.

    What if I do not want to provide any personal information?

    We accept anonymous complaint submissions through our Online Form, however, it should be acknowledged that we are not able to respond to anonymous complainants or advise them of the outcome of their complaint. All information provided to us in relation to a complaint is used only for the purpose of resolving your concerns or questions and is handled in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2009.

    What if I am not happy with the outcome?

    If you are unhappy with a decision or action, and have tried to resolve the matter with the appropriate department without satisfaction, you may request a review be conducted through an Administrative Action Complaint Review.

    What if I have a complaint about the conduct of a Councillor?

    Councillors are required to adhere to the Code of Conduct for Councillors in Queensland.

    If you are unhappy with the conduct of a Whitsunday Regional Council Councillor, please submit your complaint in writing to the Chief Executive Officer or the Office of the Independent Assessor.

    If, after assessing your complaint, it is determined that your complaint is:

    • Inappropriate Conduct: The matter will be referred to the Mayor to consider the appropriate action, which could result in a written reprimand. If it is a repeat of inappropriate conduct, the matter will be referred to the Department of Local Governments as misconduct.
    • Misconduct: If the OIA assesses a complaint as suspected misconduct, the OIA will undertake an investigation into the complaint and both the complainant and the subject officer will be advised. During an investigation the complainant will receive an update every three months on the progress, unless the investigation is finalised earlier. At the end of the investigation, if the Independent Assessor reasonably suspects misconduct, the OIA will make an application for the matter to be heard by the Councillor Conduct Tribunal.

      The complainant and councillor will be advised by the OIA if the complaint is referred to the Councillor Conduct Tribunal and will receive a decision notice from the tribunal at the conclusion of this process. The OIA can be contacted on 1300 620 722.
    • Corrupt Conduct: The matter will be referred to the Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) for review and, if required, investigation. Find out further information on the Crime and Corruption Commission’s website or phone 1800 061 611.
    • Another matter: The complaint will be dealt with in the appropriate manner.
  • We have an Administrative Action Complaints Policy to ensure that all complaints are dealt with in a fair and efficient manner.

    Administrative Action Complaints

    Council values feedback from our customers to improve our service delivery.

    If you are not happy with something that council has done or a decision of council, which you have already discussed with the relevant council program and remain dissatisfied, you can make an administrative action complaint. The types of complaints dealt with by this process include:

    • A complaint about a council decision or act
    • A failure to make a decision or do an act, including failure to provide a written statement of reasons for a decision
    • An escalation of a complaint about a council service or other administrative action
    • A complaint about a breach of privacy
    • Competitive neutrality complaints (see s48 of the Act)
    • Human rights/discrimination complaints
    • Complaints about the breach of privacy
    • Complaints about the conduct of a council staff
    • Complaints relating to corrupt conduct
    • A review of an appeal process (i.e. penalty infringement notices)
    • Development matters
    • Environmental nuisance complaints
    • A Public Interest Disclosure
    • Complaints not otherwise listed (‘General complaints’).

    If you would like to make an administrative action complaint, please put your complaint in writing using one of the following methods:

    The Chief Executive Officer
    Whitsunday Regional Council
    PO Box 104

    • Over the counter at a customer service centre;
    • By Telephone: 1300 972 753

    Council will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within ten business days.

    How to lodge a Human Rights complaint

    If you wish to make a complaint regarding council’s obligations in relation to your human rights, you should contact council directly by emailing

    Council will endeavour to respond to and resolve your complaint within 45 business days. Should you feel that council has not adequately responded to your complaint you may then make a complaint to the Human Rights Commissioner. The Queensland Human Rights Commission website provides more information about human rights.

    What to include in your complaint

    Please provide the following information to assist us with the investigation of your complaint:

    • As much detail as possible about the matter
    • List any Whitsunday Regional Council staff, departments, other agencies, or authorities you have already reported this matter to
    • Your contact details - i.e. your name and at least one method of contact (phone, email, address)
    • An outline of the outcome you are seeking
    • Enclose any supporting information such as photos, correspondence, contact details of anyone else who can support your complaint
    • Whether you require an outcome communicated to you
    • The complaint must be lodged within 12 months the decision or lack of action; or three months from the administrative action review decision date.

    Anonymous complaints will be accepted, but please note that a response cannot be provided.  Providing an anonymous complaint may restrict our ability to resolve the matter.

    Your complaint will be managed in accordance with council's Administrative Action Complaint Policy.

    Useful tips when lodging your complaint

    • Be clear and concise by telling us how you want the issue resolved. Think about what action you believe council should take to resolve your issue. Do you want an apology, a different decision or a change in the way things are done?
    • It your matter is complex, it may more effective if you email council providing all copies of your supporting documentation.
    • Please stick to the main facts.  Please do not use any assumptions or innuendo and provide only as much detail as is needed for council to understand and resolve your issue.
    • Ensure that your request is reasonable and realistic. Please keep in mind that Council must act in the interest of the general community and entire local government area. Council does not have jurisdiction to investigate complaints that may be as a result of neighbourhood disputes.
    • Council acknowledges that these matters can be stressful and frustrating.  Please be respectful of staff who are trying to address your complaint. Unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerable.

    How long will it take to resolve my complaint?

    Council has 30 business days from the date of receipt to complete the investigation of your complaint and provide a response.

    If the complaint is complex then council has 45 business days from the date of receipt of the complaint. We will contact you if more time is required.

    What can I do if I'm not happy about the response given to my Administrative Action Complaint?

    If you are unhappy with council's decision, you can request an external review.

    To request an external review, you may refer your complaint to the Queensland Ombudsman's Office. Their contact number is (07) 3005 7000.

  • If you are seeking compensation directly from our organisation for injury, loss or damage arising from an incident, please submit a claim in writing. All claims must include full details of the incident, alleged negligence, photos of the damage and two quotations for consideration as soon as practical to the incident (10 business days).

    Whist all Liability Claims will be considered, the following claims are generally not successful:

    • Damage to tyres and rims which result from wear and tear.
    • Damage due to debris (if it occurs in the normal course of driving).
    • Damage resulting from criminal actions.
    • Damage resulting from extreme weather events.
    • Matters already the subject of an insurance claim.
    • Damage resulting from the actions of a third party.
    • Damage resulting in property damage i.e. panel damage, windscreen damage from plant.

Customer Service and Complaints Management

Customer Service and Complaints Management

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