Environmentally Relevant Activities

Environmentally Relevant Activities (ERAs) are activities that will, or have the potential to, release contaminants into the environment that may cause environmental harm. It is a requirement of the Environmental Protection Act 1994 (EP Act) and the Environmental Protection Regulation 2019 (EP Regulation) that anyone who conducts an ERA must possess an environmental authority.

Local Government Devolved ERA’s

The following ERAs are devolved to Local Government as listed in schedule 2 of the EP Regulation:

  • asphalt manufacturing;
  • plastic product manufacturing;
  • metal forming;
  • surface coating, carried out within the threshold for anodising, electroplating, enamelling or galvanising, using 1t to 100t of surface coating materials in a year;
  • boat maintenance or repair, but only to the extent the activity is, or is to be, carried out at a boat maintenance or repair facility.

Council Approval

If you are wishing to start a business that is classed as an ERA devolved to Council, you are required to complete our application process. For more information on the application process see below.

  • To operate an Environmentally Relevant Activities (ERA) you must carry an Environmental Authority under Environmental Protection Act 1994.

    Step one

    1. Before applying for Planning Approval or an environmental authority, you need to be registered as a suitable operator with the Department of Environment and Science.

    Step two

    1. All ERAs that are administered by Council require a development permit. When this development application is submitted, it is also assessed as an Environmental Authority Application, that is, you do not need to submit a separate Environmental Authority Application in this instance. Your development application and the environmental authority will be assessed simultaneously.

    Step three

    1. If planning approval is already in place, contact us on 1300 972 753 to start the application process.
    2. An Environmental Health Officer will assess your application in accordance with the provision of the Environmental Protection Act 1994 and contact you if any further information is required.

    Step four

    1. An on-site assessment may be carried out to ensure compliance. If Council is satisfied with your development application or environmental authority, we will issue Environmental Authority Certificate or Development Approval with conditions.

    If your ERA is not devolved to Council, contact the Department of Environment and Science (DES).