Kerbside Collection

We work with JJ Richards to provide a domestic waste and recycling collection service for our community.

Please note that some rural residents of the Whitsunday Region may not currently have access to kerbside collection.

Remember to always:

  • Place your wheelie bin out the night before it is due to be collected or before 6am on the morning of collection
  • Place wheelie bin as close to the edge of the road as possible facing the road
  • Ensure your wheelie bin is clear of trees and obstructions including fire hydrants, power poles and parked vehicles
  • Put your wheelie bin back on your property after it has been emptied
  • Please do not leave your wheelie bin on the kerbside before or after collection more then 24hrs

Please note that only JJ Richards wheelie bins will be serviced. Additional bags or boxes placed on the kerbside next to your bin will not be collected.

If your bin lid is open it is seen as overload and may not be collected. Do not overfull your wheelie bin, as this means your household waste may fall out and become litter on the roadside. The maximum weight allowed is 70kg.


  • Use our search tool to find the kerbside collection date for your property. 

    Find my Collection Day

    Alternatively, download a copy of our 2024 Collection Calendar.

  • If your collection day is scheduled on a public holiday, your waste and recycling will still be collected. Our kerbside collection service runs 365 days a year.

  • To apply for a bin service for a new dwelling please contact us on 1300 972 753. Owners must supply Form 21 for building final inspection. 

  • Please call us on 1300 972 753 if your wheelie bin is damaged or lost/stolen. This may incur a fee.

  • To report a missed bin collection please contact us on 1300 972 753. 

  • If you are moving please do not take your bins with you, these should remain at the premises they are assigned to. You will have a new bin waiting for you at your new premises. If you are moving into a brand-new dwelling, please contact us on 1300 972 753 to arrange a new bin service. 

    • Heavy materials such as concrete, building material or soil
    • Industrial waste
    • Tyres
    • Wire
    • Waste oil
    • Batteries
    • Engine parts
    • Hot ashes or acid
    • Green waste* this can be taken to any of the landfills or transfer stations free of charge. **with the exception of Invasive Pest Weeds that may be put in general waste bin.

    Maintain a clean hygienic wheelie bin. Unwanted smells and flies can be prevented by:

    • Wrapping all meat, fish, dairy products, vegetable and other fruit scraps
    • Hose bin out thoroughly at least once a month
    • Use rubbish bags