Budget 2024/25

A Message from the Mayor

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This is my first budget as Mayor of the Whitsunday Region, and it has been a challenging one to deliver with Australia in the grips of a cost-of-living crisis and our community is feeling the pinch.

Council’s priority for this budget has been to maintain essential services, address legacy issues in our waste business and adequately plan for the future while keeping rates as low as possible.

In doing so today we’re presenting a 0 per cent yield increase in general residential owner-occupied rates across the region.

This measure is intended to dampen the impact of the huge variation in the new State Government valuations handed down this year on our residents.

Land valuations help determine your rates, so Council are appealing to the State Government for more clarity and certainty around the timings of these valuations to protect our ratepayers from significant spikes like we are experiencing in this budget.

What we’ll see in practice is that some ratepayers will be paying less, and some will pay more..

It is important to Council that we think, not just about challenges in the short term, but that we remain a financially sustainable Council in the long term.

Cost shifting by the higher tiers of government is seriously impacting the future sustainability of regional Councils.

Since 2002 the financial impact of services shifted onto local councils over a 12-month period has risen from $47 million to $360 million.

This cost-shifting is directly impacting our ability to deliver vital council services like roads, parks, gardens, swimming pools and libraries.

I will be advocating to the major parties to support local communities like ours by undertaking a Parliamentary Inquiry into local government cost shifting — an unfair burden impacting our ratepayers.

The cost-of-living crisis has had a huge impact on the cost of running Council, and I’m very aware that it has also had a huge impact on residents and business owners.

Our amazing region has seen significant growth and development in the post covid era, but with this progress comes challenges that Council must tackle head-on to ensure that all our residents can thrive.

This has understandably raised community concerns about the affordability and sustainability of living in our region.

As your new Mayor, it is my responsibility to address these concerns and implement measures to mitigate the financial burden on our community.

With the increased cost shifting being passed on to local government, Councillors have pushed the limits to tighten our belts so as not to impact our ratepayers during this cost-of-living crisis.

Council will continue to deliver and upgrade infrastructure with $97 million in capital works to support our local economy.

I’m proud to say that Council will continue to provide one of the most generous pensioner rates concessions in Queensland.

We are also one of the few Councils in Queensland that provide free aquatic facilities for our residents and visitors.

Housing affordability is another critical issue. We will collaborate with state and federal governments, as well as private developers, to increase the availability of affordable housing.

With 1 in every 3 jobs in the Whitsunday region related directly to the tourism sector, Council has increased its commitment to the Tourism industry by providing additional funding to our peak body Tourism Whitsunday (TW).

To continue to support one of the key economic drivers for the region Council’s contribution to TW has increased from $720,000 to $1 million.

In keeping with Council’s procurement policy that provides preference for locally based businesses, money budgeted for our capital works will be spent within region creating a strong local economic stimulus.

We remain focused on providing essential services, maintaining our infrastructure, and positioning our region for a prosperous future.

Together, we can navigate these challenges and build a brighter future for the Whitsundays.

Mayor Ry Collins

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