Dog and Cat Registrations due


Residents of the Whitsunday Region are reminded to take advantage of the discount period for dog and cat registrations.

Mayor Andrew Willcox said that registrations for pet owners are due on 1 July with the discount period ending 31 July 2021.

“Registering your dog or cat is part of being a responsible pet owner,” he said.

“It gives our Local Law Officers the very best chance of finding and returning your dog or cat should it become lost or wander from its yard.”

“I would also like to remind residents that only two dogs or two cats are allowed per property, unless a multiple dog or cat permit has been approved.”

The discounted amounts can be seen in Council's Fees & Charges table and on all Animal Renewal Notices. 

Please be aware that unregistered animals may result in an infringement, so make sure to visit Council’s Customer Service Centre to find out how you can register your pet.

For more information, contact Council by phone on 1300 WRC QLD (1300 972 753) or by email at

Visit the Pet Ownership webpage for application forms.