The Whitsundays is about lifestyle, opportunity and prosperity.

In the heart of tropical Northern Queensland situated between the major towns of Mackay and Townsville, we boast a nationally and internationally recognised ‘Whitsunday Brand’ that has established our region as one of Australia’s premier tourism destinations. As well as our global tourism industry, our Mining and Agricultural sectors are the pillars of our economy.

The region has economic resilience with the Gross Regional Product of the Whitsunday LGA estimated at $3.035 billion in 2019. With over $4.7 billion in major projects planned or under construction, the region is expecting strong growth over the next 10 years.

Our vision is to create a region that is strong, resilient, sustainable and universally recognised as the region where people want to live, work, visit and invest.

The future is exciting and we invite you to make the move and be a part of the region’s promising future, making the Whitsunday Region your global region of choice for investment in our Agricultural, Mining and Tourism industries.

The Whitsunday Investment Prospectus is available upon request. Please email us for a copy via

Regional Economic Development Strategy 

On 27 April 2022, Council adopted a new Economic Development Strategy which will guide Council actions in economic development and to inform decisions in relation to the investment of Council resources and priorities for economic development. It also communicates to external stakeholders Council’s vision for the economy.

The Strategy was developed through consultation with industry, business and our communities.

Download the full copy of the Regional Economic Development Strategy 2022-2025.

Regional ed strategy 1

Whitsunday Region Priorities 2020 

Whitsunday Regional Council has endorsed a united vision for the region’s recovery post COVID-19, the “Whitsunday Region Priorities Plan”.

The regional priorities document highlights our agenda to steer the Whitsunday Region forward as we recover from the impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic. Our focus is to create a resilient and sustainable region by attracting investment and encouraging strategic development.

Whitsunday Regional Council, tourism groups, chambers of commerce and community associations worked together to identify the priority projects to aid the region’s COVID-19 recovery.

Download a copy of the Whitsunday Region 2020 Priorities.


Whitsunday region priorities 2020 3