Do I need a trade waste permit?

What is trade waste?
Trade waste is defined under the Water (Safety & Reliability) Act 2008 as being water-borne waste from business, trade or manufacturing premises, other than-

1) Waste that is a prohibited substance; or
2) Human waste; or
3) Stormwater

Do I produce trade waste?
Many commercial and industrial businesses, from small bakeries, hairdressers and cafes  to large restaurants and metal finishing industries, produce trade waste.  
Why worry about trade waste?
Proper trade waste management assists the Whitsunday Regional Council to protect the environment and its waterways. Our waterways are important environmental attractions  to our area and every individual together with Council should take steps to protect them  from pollution. Proper management also limits damage to the Whitsunday Regional  Councils’ wastewater system, treatment plants and protects public health. 
What are my legal responsibilties?
Discharging waste to Whitsunday Regional Council’s wastewater system without  approval is illegal and can bring penalties. If you are a property owner that has a business on your premises which generates trade waste and  discharges it to the sewer it is your responsibility to ensure that you have permission  from the Council and have a current “Trade Waste Permit”. 

How do I apply?
Refer to the guide and application forms on the right hand side of the page for information on how to submit an application. 
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